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Out Source Analytics ?


Third party analysis of pipeline risk can be beneficial.

Calculating fall-out risk, hedge ratios and other performance data requires expertise many companies do not have, or can not afford.

We know of several companies that provide this expertise on an out source basis. They are market leaders, with many years of proven success and they are willing to help.

One of these firms may be helpful to your bottom line and could help take your company to the next level. We can help you choose a company that is right for you.



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Secondary Marketing



A major issue facing small and medium sized financial institutions and mortgage bankers is pricing. In order to offer competitive pricing, you need to be able to get competitive pricing when the loans are sold. Selling loans flow mandatory or bulk mandatory can provide a substantial increase in sales price. The challenging part, is knowing how to accurately measure and mitigate the interest rate/pricing risk, from the time the loan is locked, until the time the loan is committed for sale. This is accomplished by moving the subject loan into a “hedged” position that neutralizes price risk.

It is our experience that few operational staff personnel possess the requisite knowledge or experience to manage this process. The good news however, is that cost effective solutions are available that can position you to move into the world of mandatory deliveries and higher profits.

We can help educate you and guide you through this process. With our expertise, you will have the knowledge, policies, procedures and controls in place, to move into a hedge environment in a safe, sound and compliant manner.

Benefits of Mandatory Delivery:

  •      Mandatory delivery means better price execution
  •      Best execution analysis post closing, allows you to sell to investors with the best price
  •      Mandatory/Bulk deliveries can produce higher sales proces

Institutional Controls:

Financial institutions must be careful to implement safe and sound operational controls to manage all secondary marketing activities. This will help assure senior management and the board meet the expectations of your regulators and position the institution to experience higher earnings in regulatory friendly environment. We help guide you through this process.


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