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Put The Problem Behind You



Our approach positions you to put these claims behind you; possibly for pennies on the dollar.


Why spend sleepless nights wondering when it will all catch up with you?


Resolve the problems today and get back to the business of making money.

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Lenders You Can Survive



Mortgage Bankers / Lenders

Can you settle EPD and repurchase claims at deep discounts?

Will you survive the process?



If you engaged in any higher risk, ALT-A lending, or sub- prime lending, you probably have outstanding claims for EPDs or other repurchase obligations. Very well capitalized mortgage companies may be able to pay these claims and remain in business; however, many companies can not. Some mortgage companies barely have enough capital to operate successfully, let alone pay the losses on investor claims and remain operational.


Many lenders are afraid to face these issues for fear they will lose the businesses they worked hard to build. Ignoring the problem however, is not the answer. Sooner or later, you will face these issues and the longer your delay, the worse it becomes.


The best resolution to this problem is to meet it head on with an approach that:

·        minimizes your loss exposure

·        resolves all claims from all sources

·        allows you to survive the process.


MBAS has developed a protocol intended to accomplish the above. Benefits to you include:

·        quantifying the likely dollar value of losses

·        elimination of all known claims

·        retention of adequate capital and liquidity to operate


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