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Quantify the clients outstanding claims


Qualify the lenders ability to pay


Negotiate an intelligent settlement


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Correspondent Investors Will You Collect Anything?



Correspondent Lenders / Investors

How much will you collect on EPDs and Repurchase claims?



It has been rumored as much as 80% of claims for EPDs and other repurchase obligations remain unpaid. The unfortunate truth is that many lenders do not have the capital or liquidity to pay the monies owed and survive. In addition to monies owed to your company, most lenders owe similar amounts to other companies. Payment in full or even a substantial payment may mean the end for many of these lenders.


Your clients have no motivation to pay that which is owed, if it means they are out of business, so they delay and distract. Some payment may be better than nothing at all and resolving the issue sooner than later is in everyone’s best interest. The best resolution to this problem is to force it to a conclusion.


MBAS has developed a protocol intended to:


·        quantify the known outstanding EPD/repurchase claims from all sources

·        assess the client lenders ability to pay

·        identify a settlement plan that maximizes the return to you the investor and positions the lender to survive the process.

·        resolve the matter quickly



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