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Survival Strategy For Lenders  

Loss Recovery Strategy For Investors

Early Payment Default and Repurchase Claims

Loss Mitigation / Recovery

Many mortgage bankers,  Wall Street firms and correspondent lenders are exposed to significant risk due to early payment default and other claims for repurchase. These risk factors are significant enough to force many companies out of business. While this may be an acceptable solution for some bad apples, good operators have options they may not know about and may not know how to structure.

For the investor: Most investors cannot accurately measure the lenders ability to pay. There are too many unknowns. Left alone, many of these companies will simply go away leaving the investor with no ability to collect.

For the lender: Many lenders lack adequate experience to mange the mitigation process in such a way as to resolve their financial obligations, while positioning the company to survive.

Solution: MBAdvisory Services has developed a protocol to resolve all outstanding "off balance sheet" claims. This process accurately measures the lenders current financial exposure and ability to pay. With this information, the parties, with our help, are positioned to pursue a settlement process that will maximize the return to the investor while minimizing the costs to the lender.

Benefits for the investor: Investors may negotiate a settlement with a clear picture of the lenders financial condition and true ability to pay.

Benefits for the lender: Lenders pursue a settlement process intended to allow the company to survive and minimize costs.

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