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Director Responsibility


Directors of financial institutions are responsible for assuring adequate and effective internal controls. Independent reviews may be helpful confirming compliance.

Review this helpful guide with this link to the OCC, for an update.

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Independent Review


Understanding how well your company is positioned to meet the challenges of today's business environment is important. For the same reasons you would get an annual check up with your doctor, you should have your company evaluated from time to time. You may already be aware of a few aches and pains; however, it is helpful to learn if anything more serious is going on. Moreover, opportunities to improve operational efficiencies or enhance revenue may be revealed.


This process and the resulting findings could prove valuable negotiating relationships with secondary market investors, warehouse lenders, the broker dealer community and perhaps even your regulator.


 COMP Reviews will assess:

Capital:  Financial strength, measurement and reporting

Operations: Policies, procedures, systems, work flow processes, QC/fraud detection

Management: Knowledge, experience and effectiveness

Planning: Short term and long term strategic planning and performance

This independent review helps the mortgage banker and all interested parties understand the mortgage banker’s ability to successfully execute on a sound business plan.


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