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Contingent Liabilities



In 2007, the greatest risk exposure lenders may have could be from claims pertaining to EPO's, EPD's and other repurchase claims.

These contingent liabilities however, are off the radar screens of most warehouse lenders. They simply do not know this vital information.

MBAS has developed a protocol to accurately assess all current, outstanding contingent liabilities.

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Warehouse Lenders



Warehouse lenders face a variety of risks. For the most part, this risk is managed by the periodic review of interim financial statements, monitoring of the aged warehouse and quarterly client calls. Warehouse lenders do, however, face many challenges understanding the true safety and soundness of their client/borrowers simply because they lack the necessary information.


MBAS can perform a wide variety of borrower/client due diligence services. Warehouse services may include:


n      Strategic planning review

n      Financial measurement and reporting capabilities

n      Underwriting, Pre-funding fraud prevention and QC, post funding QC processes

n      Closing and post closing operations

n      Review of policies and procedures

n      Secondary marketing, capital markets capabilities

n      Historical loan portfolio performance (report card reviews)

n      COMP reviews

n      Investor correspondent relationships/repurchase risk exposure


Warehouse lenders who understand a client/borrower’s effectiveness managing the above issues, are better positioned to make informed credit decisions.


If you would like to know the details of client/borrower issues such as the status of other warehouse facilities, outstanding EPO and EPD claims, other repurchase claims and operational issues, give us a call. We can help.


Do You Know Your Client?


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