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Challenging Times



Pehaps no other industry is watched as closely as financial institutions. Between regulatory supervision and demands for increasingly higher returns, today's bankers have quite a challenge.

Third party assistance can help bring a fresh perspective to goals, objectives and operational performance.

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Financial Institutions


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From time to time financial institutions find themselves in need of assistance, developing new operating plans, asset/liability management strategies, technology solutions and other processes. These needs are frequently tied to home mortgage lending and may be the result of regulatory guidance or simply the desire to grow earnings.

Increasingly, more banks, savings institutions and credit unions are taking an aggressive approach to residential, home mortgage lending. The home mortgage is recognized as the cornerstone of retail banking relationships. It is  this relationship that leads to the deposit accounts, small business loans, HELOC and investment accounts as well as other financial services. Many financial institutions have learned that to be successful, they must be competitive in Product, Price and Service with the home mortgage.


We can help design the necessary infrastructure to provide retail loan originators with the necessary tools to be productive; operations staff, the systems and processes to provide superior customer service, management the controls to meet safety and soundness issues and the board the means to maximize ROE in a compliant environment. Available services include:


·        Strategic planning

·        COMP Review

·        Asset/liability management

·        Operational and work flow process review’s

·        Operational Policies and procedures

·        Compliance

·        Mortgage technologies planning

·        Secondary marketing and capital markets

·        Hedging programs

·        Mortgage lending/mortgage banking financial planning


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