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These are challenging times for the mortgage sector. Client/sellers may expose investors to excessive risk, due to unknown contingent liabilities or operational factors that are currently undisclosed.  Imagine what might happen if some of your top producing correspondent sellers lose their warehouse lines due to operational problems, EPD’s and repurchase claims.


Suppose a large percentage of your future volume projections are from sellers who may not exist in the coming months? Are some of your seller’s reps and warranties about to become worthless? How much sub-prime and ALT-A 80/20 business have your clients done? What will happen to your locked/committed pipeline if a seller goes under? Are you prepared for the fallout from reduced volumes and increased fallout?


Early identification and measurement of client risk may prove valuable. Presently, few correspondent investors understand what contingent liabilities or asset disposition problems their client/seller’s face.


One solution is to conduct an analysis of the risk exposure facing key seller clients. This process should be relatively high level and conducted in such as way as to present investors with a rapid response to the question “who will survive”?


MBAS developed a comprehensive evaluation process to determine the risk factors present with your client/sellers. With this knowledge, you will be better informed to manage the relationship.


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